Regular and comprehensive monitoring and analysis throughout the water treatment process is fundamental in terms of understanding how well the process is performing. Unfortunately, this can be costly and is therefore often one of the areas where costs are cut in the management process. This in turn results in increased running costs, deficient performance and in some cases non-compliance.

We understand this and therefore, as part of our management solutions, offer our clients the use of our comprehensive array of monitoring equipment and the use of our in-house laboratory to conduct regular testing for all relevant process parameters. The monitoring and analysis is also often included as part of our management agreements.

  • Composite samplers, process probes, 24 hour online data availability, Real Time Control capabilities

  • Free bottles and shipping cooler boxes supplied

  • Overnight freight to laboratory arranged

  • Significantly lower costs

  • Results in less than half the time of most laboratories

  • Better understanding of your system = Dollars saved

Whilst our in-house laboratory is not NATA certified, we do conduct our testing using the same high quality methodologies (APHA, USEPA). Should you require NATA certified analysis as part of regulatory testing, we are able to send the samples to our NATA certified laboratory partners as part of our service and collate the results into a report for you.