Construction and
Plant Management

We offer tailored treatment plant designs, installations and management solutions  to deliver a reliable treatment process at greatly reduced cost to the client in both the short and long term.

Monitoring and Analytical Services

We offer our clients the use of our comprehensive array of monitoring equipment and the use of our in-house laboratory to conduct regular testing for all relevant process parameters at affordable rates.

Wastewater and Environmental Assessments 

Oceanic Bio conduct in depth system assessments followed by a comprehensive report and recommendations in order to help clients with their treatment process, future improvements and cost savings.


We at Oceanic Bio are proud of the global team of scientists, engineers and wastewater experts with whom we are associated.


Our collective philosophy of creative thinking to develop alternative and innovative solutions ensures we are able to deliver the best results and deliver unmatched savings. Our unique approach to wastewater has given us the opportunity to re-model the water industry’s understanding of treatment value and cost savings.

Our extensive and growing global footprint of clients is a testament to the close relationships we form with our clients and the impact we are having on water security.

Oceanic  Bio Team



Oceanic Bio offers a comprehensive list of consultancy services for wastewater treatment systems. Our extensive and growing database of clients is testament to the fact that we provide solutions that provide meaningful cost savings to our clients whilst allowing them access the foremost technologies in the wastewater industry.


Our areas of expertise include:

Abattoir Industry

We are market leaders in aerobic and anaerobic pond desludging. All projects are conducted in-situ. Our management services and products also ensure compliant effluent and reduced trade waste costs.


Dairy Industry

We specialise in filamentous bulking control, sludge volume reduction and overall system efficiency improvement solutions.


Poultry Industry

Our ability to reduce FOG’s (Fats, Oils and Greases) and COD’s within poultry effluent treatment systems is remarkable. We are able to develop solutions which are un-matched in efficiency and cost savings.

Municipal Wastewater Industry

We develop solutions for all aspects of the wastewater treatment process, including odour and FOG reductions in the network, treatment plant capacity increase, energy reduction, sludge reduction, chemical reduction and we have an extensive resource of knowledge and technologies to assist with problematic biological influences on wastewater systems. In particular, controlling of excessive filamentous bacteria concentrations within sludge volumes (sludge bulking) is one of our areas of speciality.




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